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What Should Have Been by Internallydeceased

Rated: R • 0 Reviews

This story is part of the secret santa fanfic exchange on tumblr for 2017. This particular story was written for tumblr user @abreathofsnowandashes <3

Worth Fighting For by Internallydeceased

Rated: R • 0 Reviews

Ok so, I am part of a joint blog along with 3 other wonderful ladies on tumblr called turtlesoupstories. We posted a prompt post and asked people to send in asks with the prompt number they wanted. The prompts for this story were #75 and #76

75. I don’t wanna start begging, but I swear to God I will.
76. How long have you waited to do that?

Wild At Heart by thewhitelady

Rated: R • 0 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Originally started as a fanfic secret santa on Tumblr. Modern AU. Jamie and Claire go on an adventure to the American west to seek out and save a herd of endangered wild horses.

Wait and Pray by Lenny9987

Rated: PG • 0 Reviews

The circumstances surrounding headcanon!William's birth in my Living It Up at Lallybroch AU. Based on a Tumblr prompt during my Fanfic for the Holidays. 

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