Modern Glasgow AU by gotham-ruaidh

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Chapter Notes:

Originally posted on tumblr - Imagine Claire pregnant for the third time

Original prompt: Imagine Claire pregnant for the third time

“How could this have happened?”

Jamie arched a bushy red eyebrow at his wife, hunched across the kitchen table, face buried in her hands. “I’d think after the two girls we’d ken our way about it by now.”

Claire sighed, suddenly feeling so drained. “We tried for three years - and nothing. Now three babies in a little over three years. You damn Scot with your bloody powerful sperm.”

“My sperms have nothing to do wi’ it! I canna help -”

“Nothing to do with it, my arse!”

Jamie rose, propping his hands on the table, leaning closer to Claire. “Aye, it’s your arse that got us into this situation to begin with! I canna help that every time ye move past me in the kitchen or the bathroom or in the nursery I just want to pin ye to the ground and -”

Claire straightened up in her chair and narrowed her eyes. “Shh! They’ll be up any second now and I won’t have a moment’s less peace than I can get! God knows I’ll never get any sleep again, between the babies and my residency and needing to roger you every time we have five minutes alone -”

Jamie rounded the table and knelt beside Claire, gently taking her hands in his. His thumbs caressed the backs of her hands - the veins more prominent now than before she’d borne the bairns, but no less attractive to him. She was even more beautiful than the first time he’d seen her, thumbing through a medical journal on that fateful plane ride.

“Claire. Do you not want this bairn?”

She moved to snatch her hands away - but he gripped them tight.

“How can you say that? Of course I want the baby. I don’t -”

He twined their fingers together. “And were we no’ terrified when we had to juggle wee Faith and yer classes? And then wee Faith and wee Brianna and yer clinical time?”

She huffed. “Yes, but -”

He edged closer, eyes locked on hers. “And did ye no’ graduate near top of yer class and land a spot in the best surgery program?”

A small smile. “I did. But Jamie - you had to sacrifice, and we had to lean on Murtagh so much -”

He kissed her wedding ring. “Ye ken fine that he doesna mind one bit - it’s no’ like he has much to do anyway. The girls are his life. And they’re also used to being wi’ me at the printshop - you know that Rupert and Angus and Willie all love them something fierce. We’ll make do. Like we have already.”

A full smile now. “Aye,” said softly.

“So. I’m terrified too, Claire - but we’ve faced such challenges before. We’ll face them again.”

“And always come out stronger.”

His smile matched hers. “Yes.”

“Yes.” She bent for a kiss.



“Maybe no more after this one? Just to give ourselves a break?”

He kissed the lovely, sweet curve of her neck. She shivered. He smiled.


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